The lifeline of any business is marketing. To see success online, you need to combine marketing with high-quality content. With the Internet becoming more and more important in the modern world, business owners are striving to get their websites at the top of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing – especially if their profits depend on generating online sales. If you offer a product that can transform someone’s life, they should know about it. So get the word out. Take a look on what effect seo copy writing on digital online marketing means.

Many times people get overwhelmed when it comes to online marketing because there are so many different techniques to internet marketing. There’s banner ads, pay-per-click, email marketing… and the list can go on and on. But, there is one internet marketing technique that can put your business on the online radar and attract quality customers over and over again, forever and that is SEO copy writing.

How SEO Copy Writing impacts digital online marketing

At present, there is, a huge amount of competition to be at the top of the search engines. SEO Copy writing has been proven to be an excellent long-term strategy to maximizing your results. At Kognifi, we use the combined skills of a Web Copywriter and a Search Engine Optimizer to dramatically increase a website’s performance on Search Engine Results Pages, resulting in higher rankings and limitless opportunities.

However, before we delve into what SEO copy writing offers and its impact on online marketing, let us get something straight. Yes, I am talking about What SEO copy writing means?

What is SEO Copy writing?


seo copy writing on digital online marketing


Union makes force. If we can bring together two concepts to work together, the service will always be much better.
Therefore, the term SEO copy writing could be defined as the ideal alliance because two concepts that operate hand in hand, i.e “SEO” and “COPY WRITING”.

The SEO copy writing is one of the most powerful weapons of online marketing for any project to have recurring revenue. It is the fusion of two concepts that, if properly applied, makes the difference. With SEO copy writing you gain organic visibility with compelling content that motivates users to take a determined action.

SEO copy writing on digital online marketing is the system of writing good value, engaging content for the website using a fitting density of keywords and also keyword phrases to present information to the visitors. The principal purpose is to make sure that the site rank high in the search engines for a particular search term. It is an essential ingredient of search engine optimization of a website.

Having the ability to apply SEO and copy writing at once, is not as easy as it sounds. Consequently, SEO requires professional SEO content writers who have sufficient knowledge of SEO and also website promotion. In fact, most entrepreneurs and companies do not apply SEO copy writing, but only perform web positioning strategies.  That is why most of the initiatives you have on the Internet, fail. It requires a sound knowledge of how to do a good SEO copy writing; This is the key to success.

How to do a Good SEO Copy Writing

Maybe you’re starting to get tired. After publishing another compelling article (of those that would get you up from the chair to the most indifferent) still, nothing happens on your blog.  Neither a tweet, or a like, nor a comment. It seems as if no one gave a penny for what you write.  However, the problem is not that your ideas are bad or that you write poorly, but that the Internet is over saturated.  Imagine, how could anyone be upset with yours?

Fortunately, there seems to be a solution for you:  If you want your articles to reach interested readers, you only need to appear in Google in a prominent position.

The question is, how do you do that?  Well, by mastering the art of SEO copy writing.  Also known as SEO copy writing, SEO copy writing consists of writing optimized texts for search engines to put you above the results for certain words or key phrases.

In this way it is possible to attract interested readers:
They search, and there you appear. Then you can read what you write, you can comment, and you can share it on social networks.

Below we reveal the secrets of SEO copy writing. Be careful, these are not tricks to deceive search engines, but a clean process to create texts that will appeal to Google as much as your readers.

1. Get Ready to Get Started
SEO writing is not very different from any other. Just as when you write an email, a report, or a recipe, you should know some proposals before you even approach the keyboard:
• Your purpose: Consider what you want to accomplish with your text. It may be to inspire a group of people, clarify a complicated concept, or convince them that your product is what they are looking for.
• Your targeted audience: It is true that on the Internet your texts will be read by many people, but that does not stop them from writing as if only one person were to read you. This individual should represent your ideal reader.
• The image you want to convey: This is something that in many situations you do not need to pose; comes out naturally. But you may want to make sure you give the right image and that no one gets the wrong impression.


2. Find Valuable Keywords
Instead of writing about a random topic and crossing your fingers so that someone is interested, it is more practical to know in advance what people are looking for on Google and to write about it. For this reason, it is important to search for keywords. It gives you the issues that matter to your audience, and the exact language they use when talking about them.
Understanding this is the first step to good SEO writing.


3. Write Naturally
In the past, people used to stuff their keyword texts with the intention of increasing the relevancy of their pages. The search engines were so fundamental that when they found a page saturated with a single word, they assumed that it was more relevant and gave more weight to the results. But that’s history.  Today’s seekers are smart enough to dispense with word counts, densities, and any other gimmicks. The only thing that matters now is to use the words people use naturally.  A text loaded with keywords is hard to read, which quickly scares any reader. So whenever you write for the Web, remember that you do it for people, not search engines.


4. Optimize To Like Google
It may seem that uploading a text from Word to a web page is as simple as copying and pasting, but doing so takes you away from any possibility in the search.  Google, like other search engines, is based on some factors to determine which pages should appear first and which ones later. One of them is relevance, which has to do with how timely your page is given a search query.  To measure relevancy, search engines take into account which words appear within the text of the page, but also where they are placed, and in what way. For that reason, it is important that you follow several principles of optimization.

• Use keywords in the title: The page title signifies the text that appears in the browser tag, and also the link text in the search results. Search engines highly value the words that appear within the title, so do not miss it.
• Put a friendly page name: Although the page name is by itself not one of the heaviest factors on the search, it can influence when used as link text.
• Prepare an attractive description: The meta description does not help you get better rankings in search engines, but it does help you to attract clicks. Notice that the text of the description appears as an advertisement on the search results page, just below the title.
• Use headers: The headings h1, h2, etc. not only help to separate the different sections of the text but make it easier to scan by the user. For that reason, you should give them a chance, even if they are not your style.
• Optimize links: Links are an element of weight as far as SEO is concerned. The search engines give more relevance to the words that appear within the text of a link. And not just the page that contains the link, but the page to which the link points.
• Optimize images: It is a good idea to accompany texts with relevant images, as they help to attract attention and make it more enjoyable.

So far we have achieved something fundamental: Make it clear to Google that the content of your page fits perfectly with what the user is looking for. And it is enough to put you dozens of steps ahead of most pages that flood the network. Now, let delve into HOW SEO COPY WRITING IMPACT ONLINE MARKETING:

Impact of SEO Copy Writing on Digital Online Marketing


Search Engine Marketing - Impact on Digital Marketing


Perhaps you are among those people who have started an online project as a business system; I am sure that you have previously trained to gain visibility through search engines.  On the Internet, there is a multitude of blogs and online marketing courses that can precisely help you in this task.  However, it is only theory. It is true that you already have a solid base of what you have to do. And you have even seen good tutorials where you can see all the steps to do live.  Take the solution in front of your eyes. Nothing can fail because if a professional is teaching you and it works for you, why not you?

And it is evident that you’re going to do what you’ve been taught. You think conversions are guaranteed and it’s only a matter of time before the first results arrive.  However, the days, the weeks and the months pass, and by now, you have not obtained anything. It is true that you have learned to position articles on the first page. The visibility you have, but do not convert. You still have 0 euros won and, with a little luck, you have gotten some other sales.  But it is not enough for you to be able to dedicate yourself full time to your project because you do not live in the air, you need money.
What’s going on? How can you not get results? The fact is that you do not like the users and therefore prefer to buy your competition before you? Or is there something hidden that you may not know?

Let us be clear. Most online marketing courses teach you SEO, that is, to position a web page, a blog, an online store and even to place a mobile application.  However, they do not teach you how to convert. It is true that they always tell you that you have to write original content and provide value to get users to do the actions you want. But you think you’re already doing it. You write unique, original content and your information are unbeatable, but everything remains the same.

Then, you have the feeling that all your efforts are useless and that whatever you do, nothing is going to change.  Of course you are aware that there are solutions, but you need answers.  What’s more, you’d be happy to give yourself some basic tips for changing your content marketing strategy based on your ideas.  Do you feel identified with this story? Are you among those who have been stuck at this point? If it is what is happening to you, It is true that what you need is SEO Copy writing.

The impact of SEO copy writing on digital online marketing cannot be under stated. When it’s done right, it not only boost your search ranking but offers something much greater than that.


1. Improve Search Engine Ranking
Great SEO presents your content more visibility and will help it claim more leading spots in the Search Engines, which is crucial since these spots claim the majority of the clicks and attention. This is the logic behind maximum web presence; Making your website be found on the first page of search engines results. Every company is working very hard to take the top spot of any search engine listings whenever particular keywords are used. By decent SEO copy writing, it is easy to achieve this goal.
Furthermore, regular updating of the content helps in including additional keywords that are relevant to the brand. This way, you increase your chances of improving your search rank for a particular niche and industry keywords.

2. It Saves Money
If you’ve been relying on paid placements, or paid advertisement to get your customers, SEO copy writing services can is a genuine cost-effective. Instead of a “spray and pray” method, SEO copy writing helps you target the audience you want to get through with, and gives your website content a path to ranking organically.

3. Contributes to connect To The Target Market Directly
Aside from having an appealing website, the web site ought to be able to communicate to your target market quickly. Through captivating phrases and words, you maximize your possibilities of drawing the attention of your visitors as well as customers. Having an expertly competent, dedicated and experienced copywriter conscious of your target market’s demands is important to enable you to communicate your business message in the tone and language that appropriately resonates and also retains potential customers. This will increase the number of return customers to your business.

4 . Keep You On The Leading Edge Of Content
Search engines like Google promise a growing larger market share, as a result showing more visible within them, is certainly a smart move. The simpler it is for potential customers to find your company, come across your content, and to have valuable interactions with your business, the more sales your business will probably have.

5 . Helps You Provide The Most Beneficial Content On The Internet
Content-rich copy writing enables you to render answers to questions and also consumer needs. In the event you find a way to accomplish this, then you can certainly be confident your prospective buyers will always come again realizing that you are an excellent resource providing them the highest quality information they are seeking. Companies are in a fierce contest, and proper content marketing separates you from the rest. Besides seeing your website as a marketing tool for your product or service, you also have to also think about it as an excellent medium to offer your target audience relevant information about the things you deal with at no cost. 

6 . Help You Stay Competitive
If you’re not working to improve your search engine optimized, but all your visitors are, you can bet you’re sure to fall behind. Everyone’s doing the work these days. Therefore you can’t afford to be the last person on the bus. 

7 . Helps You to Answer Significant Questions Like Who, What, Where, When And Why
Companies make use of copy writing to deliver the important messages regarding their location, people, product and anything relating to their business. A good copywriter will, therefore, help put things crystal clear to the audience through customized copy writing which points the target audience to the right path once they visit the web site. Without perfect and professional copy writing, you risk losing your customers to your business competitors. Everything on your site; the headlines, blog posts, and also content matters. Every word is essential!
Visitors are drawn to your copy writing to assure a second-time visit. Your professional copywriter must, as a result, focus on making sure that they provide top quality content that customers and visitors are going to love whenever they visit your website. 

8 . Will Assist You To Steer Clear of Google Penalties
Online business is trendy nowadays, and every business is doing its best to be regarded as the market leader in their niches. Due to this, brands are trying very hard to get related content to enhance their websites. This sometimes involves buying of pre-written content by freelance copywriters. This is apparently a much faster approach for many companies, but the truth is that content might cause to penalization by search engines.
Buying of pre-written content packages is not improper, but many companies upload the content as it is without checking it out. The chances are that same content is used by the competitors already. Having duplicate content on your site is suicidal to your company, and The search engines are not going to free you from getting serious penalties such as getting kicked off from search listing pages.  It might appear costly to get original, high quality and unique SEO copy writing, but bear in mind that it is going to pay a lot more eventually.


Bottom Line

Well, presented SEO content is significant; you underestimate it at your peril. It is requisite that you employ the services of an experienced and competent copywriter. That will create grammatically correct sentences with right spellings and also appropriate punctuation among other reasons.
Wish to improve your website and brand strength, have a shot at SEO copy writing from an experienced copywriter. Especially who do knows about the significance of consistent, fresh content on your website.

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