Why small business owners are having objections business website and not taking advantage to engaging in online marketing? How many times have you or your colleagues made an excuse as to why they don’t advertise online? Stop making excuses online marketing is a great and effective tool to spread the word of your business. Marketing is key when it comes to bringing in customers.  But still, small business owners keep making excuses as to why they are not engaging in online marketing. Otherwise, they are either working on a tight budget, don’t have time, or don’t know how to.


Top 10 Objections Business Website


1 . I’m already doing other things.

Managing a business is hard work and includes many hats. We know that business owners are always busy keeping their customers satisfied and offering services that are high in demand. In addition, you could be the best business owner in town, but your services aren’t going to sell themselves. If you don’t let the word out, nobody is going to know about it.


2 . I don’t sell products online.

For those business owners who use the excuse of not having a clue as to how to advertise their company online, no need to worry. There’s great news, are various ways to get started from using social media to building your website to creating a profile and building an online store. Take your business to the next level – a consultant can help you build your website and reshape your branding image.


3 . Everyone already knows about my business.

Who is everybody? And do they really, marketing your business online will continue to expand your business and customers and continue making your business a success.


4. I don’t have time.

Now, how many times do hear this lame excuse? However, there might be some truth to that but don’t worry. Moreover, there are several simple and free website builders like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and more that can get your website up and run in an hour or two.


5 . I’m on tight budget.

No worries, there are plenty of online sites that don’t require much money to build your own website and even allow you to key in on specific customers and places you are looking to target. Facebook and Twitter are two of them.

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