What is Leadfeeder and what can it do?

Leadfeeder gives you clarity on who visited your site or landing page. Lead generation is tough business. How do you know if someone is really interested in what you have.What Leadfeeder Can Do

Leadfeeder shines a light on that. Now you can know who is the site visitor and what they are really after. You get a name. To be linked and tracked in your CRM and Email campaigns. And this offers effective tracking of prospects and customers.

New Gold - Your Analytics Data

Tracking your leads and their knowledge of you, gives you an excellent conversation starter and guide during a sales call.

What can you do with Leadfeeder?

Your sales reps get to do very relevant and focused warm calls, not cold calls. Your CRM gets more activity. Your LinkedIn tool gets more productive. And your email marketing campaigns get better audience segmentation.

Leadfeeder automation

When you do conversion rate optimization (CRO) you are trying to improve your on page conversions. You want to know what needs to be done, to convert, people visiting your site.

Leadfeeder can identify website visitors as organizations, with a name, ready to link website visitors to CRM tools. This tools shows, what a real visitor is doing on your site. You will know which product, item or information is of interest to that person.

If those website visitors did not convert by giving an email address or submitting a form requesting for information or to be contacted, then you know you have, a warm prospect. To be remarketed. With a phone call to your target persona, in that organization. Your sales reps, minimize cold calls, and maximizes warm calls with a higher probability of closing. Your productivity rates potentially increase.

And you can make new pages to better optimize for those visitors, based on their flow on the site. The CRO team can now can do effective targeting, better optimizing their AB testing for better results.

How does Leadfeeder do this?

Leadfeeder does leads identification from analytics. Google analytics. You link Leadfeeder with the google analytics for the site. Leadfeeder gets this done effortless, through an onscreen wizard. Simple. Unless you are not familiar with your site’s google analytics structure. Then you may need a digital agency or your analytics team to help you with this.

Leadfeeder requires just Google Analytics

Once linked, Leadfeeder identifies visitors from their IP addresses. These are usually businesses or organizations that have some form of private networking within their premises. And this is filter, sorted, and data pulled in from various sources to provide an actionable snapshot of the company. This includes a profile of the company with its name, logo, phone number and website.

The actionable snapshot also includes the following:

  1. List of LinkedIn profiles publicly associated with the company.
  2. Real people you can filter to fit your buyer persona
  3. Real people you can potentially link website visitors to LinkedIn
  4. List your network contacts in LinkedIn that are associated with that company.
  5. List of people with publicly available email addresses associated with that company
  6. Includes head shots
  7. And a simple summary of their LinkedIn profile on hover over the LinkedIn logo.
  8. Connect the company to the CRM of your choice like Hubspot or Salesforce and others

Leadfeeder enables a simple integration to your CRM. It will prod you to setup these integrations and more like with Mailchimp to link website visitors from email and contacts.

Leadfeeder is a powerful tool that can pump actionable data into your CRM and email marketing systems for your sales team to take immediate actions. Like create company, contacts, tasks to do for that warm lead visiting your website.

Leadfeeder also lets you eyeball the visitor moving through your pages and flow through the site. This visitor tracking lets you know what they wanted. And what was the next step that was not taken, based on your URL builder, conversation path design and customer journey flow plans.

This gives your sales team and campaign manager a clear path to continue the conversation with the prospect. Not cold. Just warm and relevant calling. And better tracking of email links in newsletters for superior conversions and optimizations.

And is this in real time? As long as your google analytics link is on and google analytics plays nice, its gets you, your today’s relevant data.

Who are behind Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder is a Finnish company with deep expertise in actionable analytics. Their talents are based in the US and Europe. Their support is phenomenal. They will contact you to help and guide you in the setup, integration and use of Leadfeeder. And drip you news of the many ways of using Leadfeeder. And send you alerts when a potential buying prospect came by your site.

Contact Leadfeeder

And they have an open invite for you to drop by visit their offices in Helsinki, New York and Palo Alto.

How much does Leadfeeder cost?

An arm and a leg. Just kidding. They have a free trial. Just connect and see who has been under your radar on your website. No credit card needed for the trial. They have a great selection of plans to fit the needs of solopreneurs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Go ahead, click here for a peek on Leadfeeder’s pricing plans.

Feel free to contact us at Kognifi for a Free Consultation on setting up and using Leadfeeder with your CRM and email marketing system.  And, ah for and in Malaysia ya.  Other parts of the planet, please contact Leadfeeder directly.   All the best in your sales automation efforts.

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