A digital marketing agency makes:

  1. A go to market plan for online, for a product or service
  2. A customer journey across online media and sales channels
  3. Makes digital content such as:
    1. Pictures, videos, music, and animations
    2. Articles and slogans for online engagement
    3. Jingles and other sound effects
  4. Plans the campaign actions for online media
  5. Implements the marketing plan and monitors it
  6. Manages the plan and the goals for the campaign

What is a Digitаl Marketing Agеnсу?

The digital marketing agency gets the brief from the client. The agency and client agree on the marketing plan and goals. All parties buy into a common plan and direction.


Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

The digital marketing agency came into being from:
  1. A web design agency
  2. A search advertising agency
  3. A traditional advertising agency

Web Design Company

A web design company designs and makes websites.  For example, an advertising agency’s client would request for a website. The agency will send this work to web design agencies.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising agencies used to make adverts for online searches. They also did SEO to get a site to be on the first page in search results. They did ad planning with Google and Yahoo.  The advertising agencies passed over this work to these companies.


Traditional Advertising Agencies

The advertising agencies moved to digital.  This was natural for the business.  As online reading became popular. More so on mobile.


Social Media and Publications

Newspapers moved online. The media planners had to adapt to small screens. As such agency creatives adapted too. As the online space had a lot of small screen sizes.


Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

Today, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia does a range of online work. From web design, search and online advertising, to offline advertising in print and TV.  Some focus only on online work. Offline advertising is given to other agencies. Some run only online marketing campaigns. And some online to offline (O2O) campaigns.

The Impact of Digital Marketing Agencies on Business

Digital marketing agencies do not yet impact businesses in Malaysia today. As online consumption is fast increasing, online advertising needs to do more to play a critical role. Influencing consumers has become easier and tougher at the same time.


Trust – Verifiable

It has become easier to reach consumers because of smartphones. It is difficult to convince, as consumers can check and verify fast. The bonus is that online now enables an honest engagement with the consumer. And a digital marketing agency has to ensure the communication is attractive. And also accurate. Trust is the keyword now.

Everything and anything is now accessible online. Verifiable. Attention spans shorter. And digital marketing agencies will be more entertaining with trust.


New Media

Video, audio, visuals, and games. These are the new attention grabbers and holders. Tracking the prospects across websites by remarketing. Getting an action. Delivering a result. Digital marketing agencies that realize that immersive-ness is the key, win.

Businesses have to drive online interactions to get success online. And work with their digital marketing agencies to get their sales in.


Online Advertising and CTA

And to get success online, either the websites rank first in searches, or they have to pay to advertise online. Whether it’s on Google, Facebook. Instagram or Youtube, the business must appear to searchers in search results. And searchers take action on the result and go to the site. And when on the site, calls to action (CTA) need to be in place to ensure a flow to check out or request.

The capture of a sale or lead is the goal of digital marketing. Then only is digital marketing work, of any value.

Digital Marketing Agency Elements

The digital marketing agency mixes different online elements together. This reduces user friction. And increases user stickiness.

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Search engine advertising
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Multimedia attractions
  6. Immersive games
  7. Immersive form workflows
  8. Data analytic


Below is the marketing process where these elements work together.

  1. Discovery
  2. Comparing and contrast
  3. Taking action


In one way or rather, all eight online elements need to be in the marketing process.

Most businesses use the digital marketing agencies to communicate with target markets. These agencies know the techniques and data analysis for targeting. The best agencies will deliver the best ROI to a business.

Digital Marketing Agency Capabilities

The digital marketing agency needs to be on top of technology trends used. They must know what disruptive options are there to grow your business the fastest.  It must be a digital marketing and engineering company too, like Kognifi. This is to enable a higher level of technology use for the client.  VR, AI, Chatbots, and AR are all new technologies ripe for use with marketing.

The agency needs to understand analytic and know how to apply it. This includes Google Analytic and Facebook analytic. Email marketing analytic is a great tool also.  The digital marketing agency needs to understand the brand and how to brand it online. This includes logo files, packaging, and typefaces for online use.

The digital marketing agency is now the most cost effective way for the work done.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Social media channels are excellent for creating awareness. They are able to reach the target audience. The digital agency needs to understand when to use the various social media. The marketing done on social media can be of several types. And advertising and public relations are common here. These channels can drive traffic to a business website.

A social media page by itself is not the best option. This is because the page has to be updating every time to get traffic. That means the business owner has to invest in daily updates. Either through a full-time staff or advertising. It is an expensive option in the long term. And social media will shut down or disable any page based on any complaint.

A website owned by the business is the best option. The only rules to comply is with the government. The business can do whatever it likes with it. It is an online piece of real estate. A 24/7 sales person or shop, online. A good digital marketing agency will know how to build and optimize the business on the website. And done well, traffic will come at any time from anywhere. And no daily advertising nor engagement needed.

Digital Marketing Cаmраignѕ


A good digital marketing agency can drive online campaigns for a duration of time. Standard marketing stuff such as positioning, visuals, story boards and media planning. The adverts, PR, and games to run the campaign. Goals need to be part of the equation.

Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia – Summary

Digital marketing agencies that do all, from SEO, web design to campaigns are few. To identify talent for this takes time, and in the meantime, others will do the work.  The best way to find the right digital marketing partner will be from its results.  Malaysia is on the edge of being a breakout digital economy, according to HBR.  Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia need to be ready for this explosion.  And the more vertically integrated they are, the better positioned they will be.

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia
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