We are looking for interns interested in working on:

  1. Web design or development – IT, Mass Comm grads
  2. Digital content development – IT, Mass Comm or Business grads
  3. Market and industry analysis for digital marketing – Mass comm, Business grads
  4. Cloud, Big Data, Windows and Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Implementation – IT grads
  5. Digital marketing tactics and strategies – Mass comm, Business grads
  6. eCommerce site structure and setup – IT, Business grads

Please send your cv or resume to hr@kognifi.my to apply for the internship. Selected interns will be notified within a week of application. Do state what date you can join the internship. And in your application, tell us what you want to achieve with this internship.

The internship will be at a minimum of 2 months to max 6 months. Open to Diploma and Degree students. Fresh graduates can apply. We will only respond to emails and applications sent to hr@kognifi.my as the HR team will be managing this.

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