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Digital marketing training corporate skills is for companies and teams.  For their marketing managers, executives and staff.  The goal is to incrementally improve their digital marketing competencies with an iterative approach.  And deliver improved results.  And to use data driven reports to communicate such success in an effective manner.   This reduces waiting time on developers, and marketers can move faster to see results.  Delivered in the language businesses understand.

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10 Modules

Grow In-House Digital Capability

These modules are designed for incremental growth in digital marketing skills.  This enables sufficient time to practice the skills before picking up new skills.  Designed with Agile in mind.

Digital Marketing Preview

This free on-site preview introduces the digital marketing staff roles, skills and tools needed for effective digital marketing management for companies.

Digital Marketing Management

This module covers best digital marketing management practices and strategies.

Digital Traffic Opportunity Analysis

This module covers systemic approaches to keyword and audience interest analysis.

Customer Journey Mapping

This module plans the customer journey decision tree creation process from interest to conversion.

Digital Conversions Design

This module explains the psychographics and planning for conversion rate optimization.

Content Creation

This module guidelines the content creation process for SEO and Online Advertising.

E-Commerce Management

This module covers the e-commerce guidelines for effective marketing and conversions.

Digital Advertising

This module covers various advertising modalities, goals and measures on Ad Spend.

Sales Funnel and Pipeline Management

This module shows how to use and setup a CRM system for leads management, email marketing and visitor retargeting.

Metrics and Performance Management

This module introduces data driven performance reporting methods and skills to monitor and control digital actions to meet plans through analytics and user behavior data.

Training Details

Kognifi  – Smarter Business

Kognifi is a digital agency in Kuala Lumpur, started in Jun 2017.

Kognifi helps local businesses effectively use digital platforms for sales and marketing.



HRDF Certified Trainer

Logga is a marketing professional, project management consultant and founder of Kognifi Sdn Bhd.

Before Kognifi, Logga was an international marketer with B. Braun Surgical, Dell, Tyco Healthcare and Flextronics.

He has an MBA, is PMP and SEO certified. Learn more from his Linkedin profile.

Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

A digital marketing skills TNA can be conducted.  We can help guide you to do this for your organization.  This can be tailored to meet your current and future needs for digital marketing talent and management.

On-Site In-House Training

Training focused only on your team jump starts their digital marketing work.  Its like a consulting facilitation session to develop the digital marketing plan for your organization along with the required digital skills.  One module a day/week.  Over 10 weeks or less.

Developing Capacity and Talents

You need talent and back-fill capacity.  Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field, with a high demand for skilled staff.  Staff turnover will be a given, with competing offers for experienced staff. To control costs and resilience, building digital capacity in your organization is vital to compete in this digital economy.

Build In-House Capability

Building your organization’s in-house digital marketing capability enables the company to move fast to capture opportunities.  The marketer sees the market opportunity first.  And the in-house digital marketer can move almost instantly to respond to that opportunity.

Skills to Deliver KPIs and Metrics

Watch your competition.  Match them.  Deliver to your performance plan.  Business is a numbers game.  The digital marketers know their numbers.  And the reason those numbers are relevant to the business objectives.  Digital marketing is measurable.  Do you know your relevant digital marketing metrics?

HRDF Claimable

Kognifi is a HRDF Training Service Provider.  And the trainer is HRDF TTT certified to conduct these trainings.

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