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Kognifi is a digital marketing and engineering agency in Malaysia. In the back end, ensures the code optimization for our front end work as a digital marketing agency and web design agency. In other words, we are a vertically integrated company in the digital marketing industry. Kognifi is the Malaysianised version of Cognify.  This name comes from Cognitive.  Which means processing information and reasoning.  Becoming smarter.  Hence smarter web design, technologies used, and digital marketing.

Kognifi’s customer journey mini game

 Kognifi’s Customer Journey mini game.

Kognifi’s Vision

Online is the current frontier for businesses, especially local businesses.  How a company uses online efforts to gain a competitive advantage over others is an important goal, for the organic growth of a business and the nation.  Hence the term Digital Economy. Kognifi envisions people to have a productive and meaningful integrated online experience soon.  With artificial intelligence and wearable computing, the world will be more interconnected with requests for faster instant satisfaction.  The world where a person just asks where the best breakfast is, nearest to them, is now already available.  Shortly, within the next five years, it is when you just think, and it’s answered, in line with current brain computer interface research.  The opportunities for marketing smartly applied, are just tremendous.

Kognifi’s Mission

Kognifi’s mission is to make businesses succeed online, just like how radio and TV made a difference over the past 100 years.  Companies need to extend online.  Build a presence online.  Complete with well designed optimized websites and apps fully under their control.  To be present when customers are asking. With business intelligence, companies can be visually informed and predict activities and drive demand generation.  Ensuring pull from both online to offline and online to online (O2O), from social media channels to their revenue generating websites, platforms and brick and mortar shops.

Kognifi’s Activities

To recap, Kognifi is a vertically integrated company in the digital industry, covering the stack from back end coding and work to front end coding, design, and online marketing. This code optimization, means we have to have developers do coding appropriately,  for the business, to ensure the correct content appears securely as fast as possible for a device, irrespective if the user is online or offline. In perspective, Kognifi’s activities are:

  1. Digital marketing planning
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Online marketing in search and social media marketing
  4. Website and app designing in HTML, CSS, Javascript and based on CMS systems
  5. Full stack coding in Javascript, Angular, and node.js
  6. Email and web service implementation and configuration
  7. Implement and monitor cyber security safeguards
  8. Deploy and support cloud services for productivity, CRM, and ERP
  9. Integrate and configure APIs from various apps, platforms, and services
  10. Big data sources integration, analysis and data visualization
  11. Enable secure IOT performance, communication, and applications

Kognifi, in essence, is a digital marketing agency focused on online marketing and digital engineering actions.  We build engaging websites, apps, and social media pages, engineered to be optimized with forward looking technology, and safe for user intent and interaction. As business environments are competitive and dynamic, companies need to use the most current technology to attract customers and increase their share of wallet.  Kognifi does this by ensuring businesses have the latest technology engineered to meet their business needs. Kognifi, in summary, is a combination of the following:

  1. Digital marketing agency
  2. Web design agency`
  3. Online marketing agency
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) agency
  5. Digital engineering agency
  6. Cloud services company
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

digtal marketing agency

As a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, Kognifi works with the business or client to understand the goals of the customer, be it in search or social media. This comprehension develops the digital strategy for the client for the longer term, forecasting the costs, resources needed and activities.  The scope of work is:

  1. Determine the goals or KPI’s to achieve
  2. Define the target market
  3. Determine the demographics
  4. Identify the emotion to be evoked in the target
  5. Define the reasoning  to be applied to support the emotion
  6. Create the positioning or use existing positioning
  7. Set the kind of imagery or graphics to be used
  8. Establish media planning for search, ad networks and which social media and news channels to use
  9. Create an action plan for execution
digtal marketing agency
online business

Web Design Agency

As a web design agency, Kognifi gets the web design brief from the client.  This brief will be similar to the points listed above.  Then we will scope the work as follows:

  1. We will create themes, layout and site navigation based on the business or client’s vision
  2. We will calibrate on the goals, user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) as a fundamental aspect of web design and the site’s or app’s success
  3. We will advise on the feasibility of their ideas against the required goals
  4. Roll out the necessary blueprint for testing and development
  5. Create the necessary code and API integrations required
  6. Launch the website, app or page

Web Design Elements

The web design elements are important.  There are many design elements factored for online use.  And these need to understand in terms of use for mobile, tablet and desktop display.
2 very important elements are:

  1. Typography – ease of reading and consistent rendering in any browser and screen size
  2. Image file type and sizes  – for speed of rendering

Online Marketing Agency

digital marketing

As an online marketing agency in Malaysia, Kognifi will do the planning based on the brief from the client on the required goals and KPIs.  This planning creates the action plan for rolling the campaign whether it’s for search or social media.  The scope of work is as follows:

For Advertising

  1. Define the goals and KPIs for the online marketing campaign
  2. Determine the online target market
  3. Determine the online demographics
  4. Do keyword planning and identify keywords to be used for the Advert and SEO
  5. Design the advert for advertising online
  6. Determine the web design for the landing page of the advert
  7. Create the digital content for the landing page
    1. Digital images like icons, drawings, or photos
    2. Digital videos with immersive videography or animation
    3. Place an advertorial article on the landing page
  8. Get the client approval for the online advert and digital content
  9. Setup for search, ad networks or social media advertising
  10. Set media and budget planning for online marketing
  11. Execute the plan

For Online to Offline (O2O)

  1. Define the goals and KPIs for the campaign
  2. Determine the target market
  3. Determine the demographics
  4. Set campaign type, be it contest, game or treasure hunt
  5. Identify the incentives
  6. Design the campaign and its elements
  7. Establish coding requirements and timelines
  8. Create project and budget plan
  9. Do keyword research for advertising the campaign
  10. Get the plan and budget approval
  11. Setup for search or social media advertising
  12. Set media and budget planning
  13. Execute the plan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency

As an SEO agency, Kognifi enables a website to be found on the internet for a search term.  Effectively making the website a 24/7 365 days salesperson to market and engage with prospects.  Having the website found for a search term is a critical digital marketing function. It ensures a business’s investment in website design, digital marketing, and web engineering has a clear ROI and is money well spent. The scope of work as follows:

  1. Define the purpose of the website. Is it for lead generation or e-commerce.
  2. Identify several search terms that represent the product or service of the business
  3. Do a competitor scan for these terms
  4. Determine the most suitable search terms or keywords to rank for
  5. Determine what needs to be done to rank for those keywords
  6. Create a time line and expected time to rank, depending on level of competition
  7. Build and launch the website
  8. Build or link to relevant social media and related subject matter sites
  9. Monitor its ranking journey and audience interaction
  10. Tweak where necessary to drive it to the first page.
  11. Once the website is ranking on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) of the keyword, continuous monitoring is done to ensure ranking is maintained or improved.

Digital Engineering Agency


Kognifi as a digital engineering agency designs and implements digital services to match organizational or business requirements.
Business needs serviced are as follows:

  1. Provide domain name services and off premises servers for web services
  2. Design and build websites and web applications for business opportunities
  3. Structure and code websites and web applications to be optimized for search
  4. Optimizing the structure and code online content for search and engagement
  5. Customize, integrate and configure relevant APIs to enable various types of functionality such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
  6. Design and build automation and chatbot functionality into websites and apps
  7. Design and build  predictive analytics into websites and apps
  8. Design and build workflows for website interaction and automation
  9. Validate and test codes, websites and web apps to meet quality control standards for performance consistency and speed
  10. Develop code to enable mobile first and offline modes for websites
  11. Implement and monitor cyber security safeguards for websites

Cloud Services Company

Microsoft Partner - Cloud Service Provider

As a cloud services company, Kognifi sells, implements and supports cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Cloud to businesses.  The scope of work includes:

  1. Implementing Office 365 or G-Suite software as services for businesses
  2. Deploy and support cloud services for productivity, CRM, and ERP
  3. Email service implementation and configuration
  4. Enable a booking or appointments calendar on the business website to automate customer appointments and service bookings.
  5. Add business intelligence to digital marketing services via CRM

Kognifi in Summary

Kognifi’s purposes and goals are multi faceted.  The purpose of Kognifi is to be a leading digital services company in the ASEAN region in the next ten years and for users to have a great user experience online.  Kognifi will achieve that by serving organizations in the area with systems to digitalize their work with predictive analytics for them to take actions to meet their goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Kognifi enables your business to be smarter and more interactive online.  This lets your business reach the targeted customer.  Through SEO, analytics and business intelligence, Kognifi shows how your target customer interacts with you.   This makes you aware of what you need to do to attract and to convert that target into a customer.

Digital Marketing Agency

The digital economy of today and tomorrow needs you to be seen and embraced as relevant by your customers.  This means that you need to be seen on all platforms online.  Facebook and other social media are a part of that.  But you need your very own well-designed website, an intelligent business email, and systems in place to process customer requests.  It does not need to be expensive for a startup or any business size or type to take on digital marketing agency services.

Digital Engineering Agency

A cognitive business can be setup fast.  You can have business services such as smarter email, marketing, online shop, payment processing, appointment setting and customer follow-ups easily.  These automate your business.  Adding security to the mix ensures a trusted place for your customers.  Gives your business a real name. And it all presents your business as a serious player. Kognifi provides businesses access to:

  1. Creating your dedicated business name and presence online
  2. Marketing your products and services effectively online to your target customers
  3. Enabling a secured e-commerce shop
  4. Implementing intelligence to follow up your customers and work in progress
  5. Software and applications to automate your processes

Get your business into the digital economy the Kognifi way of digital marketing.  Cognify it. Or as we say, Kognifi it.  For any business of any size, from home businesses to large corporations.

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